SHINSEI SUSHI Chinese en Japanse Specialiteiten

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5 sterren uit 1698 beoordelingen
27 jul 2021 om 15:13 Food was so good and fresh.
20 jul 2021 om 22:01 Verrukkelijk
19 jul 2021 om 20:05 Eten was netjes op tijd en de sushi was erg lekker.
10 jul 2021 om 11:15 25 min. late and wrong drinks
6 jul 2021 om 22:25 Super lekker ,.. goed verzorgde schaal ! Beste sushi ooit besteld
25 jun 2021 om 21:32 great food but never on time. for food delivery this is unacceptable in my opinion. Have told them many times excuse that its busy around dinner time is no excuse. otherwise should not accept order. I write this review so that hopefully they can improve.